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Maiocchi Blog

Take a peek into Maiocchi's neck of the woods and find out about our retro cotton styles and Japanese inspired prints.

Maiocchi and Ruby Olive’s Heart to Heart Collaboration

Maiocchi and Ruby Olive’s Heart to Heart Collaboration

For our Curiouser and Curiouser Spring collection we have collaborated with the divine Brisbane based jewellery brand Ruby Olive.

Like Maiocchi, Ruby Olive has a love of colour, texture and distinctive designs. Their beautiful, bright and unique jewellery is one of a kind and will always put a smile on your face.

When our designer, Dee was planning our Spring collection she thought ‘we need some fun and colourful jewels to match our fun and colourful frocks, and I know just the person I want to work with!’  It was the perfect opportunity to work with Skye from Ruby Olive.

The 2 designers had a heart to heart and put their heads together. There were many, many early morning emails and phone calls and samples that didn’t quite work and ideas that never realized their full potential until they finally came up these lovely little love heart studs, brooches and necklaces.

“I love working with other local brands, and have met the gorgeous Skye from Ruby Olive at various events over the years and have always admired her colourful and creative designs and her positive approach to everything she does.” Dee xo

Oh and if you are as mad about love hearts as we are then we have another surprise in store for you. We have a love heart print dress and top that matches perfectly to these gorgeous pieces arriving in September. Our Dotty Reversible Dress and Scentsational Reversible Top in hearts will come in two colourways; the loveable black and a bright blue. If you’d like to add your name to the wait-list to secure one of these frock for yourself then click here….

We think Maiocchi + Ruby Olive is the perfect pairing and the matching heart jewellery pieces are ridiculously cute, we hope you do too xo

Behind the scenes on our spring photoshoot with our designer Dee

Behind the scenes on our spring photoshoot with our designer Dee

Come behind the scenes of our spring photoshoot with our designer Dee xo

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is our seasonal photoshoot.

I design each collection around a theme, its starts with the fabric prints and ends with our photoshoot. I love that what was once just an idea in my head becomes beautiful imagery that tells the story behind the collection to the ladies who will wear our frocks.

I feel it’s important for me to tell the story, as a Maiocchi dress is much more than just a dress; it’s something special to be treasured, a dress that you will enjoy for years to come, a dress that will make you smile whenever you wear it.

Bloom with a View Retro Dress | Maiocchi Spring Photoshoot

When I design, I hope that I can inspire the women who wear our frocks to feel fabulous, confident, creative and colourful. I hope that they will feel inspired by the beautiful creativity of the print and the story behind it and to think “I love this dress, I feel great when I wear it”.

To convey the story behind our spring collection ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ I couldn’t think of a better location than the fabulous home of my friend interior designer Melinda Bounty. Her home in Federal, Byron Bay came complete with a magnificent maze and a tree house, which couldn’t have been more perfect for our glam garden party theme.

It was really an adventure for us as we stayed in a beautiful house on top a hill in Federal for 3 nights with our team, including our gorgeous model, Emilia who flew in from Melbourne for the shoot.

We were also very excited to be working with a new photographer for this shoot, Elsa Dillon. Elsa and her husband Richard have shot all over the world, for all of the top magazines and I felt that they really were as passionate and creative about bringing my story to life as I was. 

 Federal Home | Maiocchi Photoshoot

We spent the first day shooting at Elsa and Richard stunning hilltop home, which they share with their 8 children, their 2 Dalmatians, Dasher and Double, 50 or so chickens and their pony Pudding.

To start the day, Elsa and I worked with the fabulous hair and makeup artist Jenifer Carlson to decide on the look we wanted for the shoot. We all agreed to keep it clean and fresh and quite natural to really let our bright and colourful frocks take the starring role. Emilia is a rare type of model who seriously would look great without any make up at all and she looks good in every single shot. Plus she kept smiling all day long… I don’t know how she does it, especially standing in heels all day!

For day 2 of the shoot we moved just up the road to Melinda’s gorgeous home. We traipsed around her garden for most of the day, trying out different back drops, chasing the light and trying to avoid the intermittent showers. You wouldn't know it from the pics, but at times we had to stand in the rain holding an umbrella over Emilia’s head to keep her hair from getting sprinkled! It was a long day of shooting but lucky for me we had a wonderful team (and several bags of candy!) to keep us going. We had 3 of Elsa and Richards children on location with us and we got some lovely shots of their youngest, Genie, in the matching mini Maiocchi frocks. 

Big Genie and Little Genie | Maiocchi Spring Photoshoot

Genie nicknamed Emilia our model, ‘big Genie’ which was so cute and everyone started referring to Emilia as ‘big Genie’.

I think it was our best shoot yet, I couldn't be happier with the result and that’s says a lot as I am our worst critic when it comes to our images!  A big thank you to the whole team, who were all awesome and I truly feel like you are part of the Maiocchi family now that we have spent those 2 days together! Northern NSW is one of my favourite places to holiday, so the great thing is that it kind of felt like we were on holidays, we had so much fun on this shoot. Oh and it would be remiss of me not to mention the lunch - we discovered DOMA in Federal - if you are ever in the area you will definitely want to pop in to try the best sushi I have ever eaten.

Here are some pics from the day…

 Ladybug Frock | Maiocchi Spring Photoshoot

Melinda's dog Bon Bon wanted to be part of our photoshoot.

Floral Frock | Maiocchi Spring Photoshoot

Elsa and Jen working their magic behind the scenes.

 Behind the Scenes | Maiocchi Spring Photoshoot
A Glam Garden Party for Spring

A Glam Garden Party for Spring

This season Maiocchi have embraced all things fancy, floral and feminine with a glam garden party theme for Spring 2017 named Curiouser and Curiouser.

Deanne initially found inspiration for this collection from the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson 'the earth laughs in flowers’.

I imagined a secret world of beetles, bugs and flowers… a garden party with the hush hush whisperings of the lady beetles and the incessant chatter of the bees gossiping.

‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ is a bright and colourful collection chock full of Garden Party Perfect frocks!

The floral and fancy custom prints will have you swanning about in the garden nibbling on a cucumber sandwich and sipping bubbly with your pinkie in the air!

Combining vibrant hues of forest green, orange, fuchsia and red and with enough flowers to keep any passing insect happy, this collection will be sure to make you feel like the bees knees.

Why we LOVE Bamboo Fabric…

Why we LOVE Bamboo Fabric…

You may have noticed that we have rather a thing for bamboo fabric at Maiocchi. 

We love it SO much that we use this fabric for pretty much all of our jersey custom prints these days. Once you have worn this luxurious bamboo fabric, you won’t go back either.

So, what is this wonderful Bamboo fabric we speak of!? 

We thought we’d give you the low down with some other facts that you should know about bamboo…

  • Bamboo is an environmental wonder-plant.
  • Bamboo is sustainable - it is one of the fastest growing plants in the world!
  • Bamboo is eco-friendly - it’s naturally pest-resistant and so requires no chemicals and very little water to grow.
  • As if this were not enough, bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide from the air than either cotton or timber. It also releases more oxygen into the environment which improves air quality (so it's worth getting some for your garden or even a small houseplant if you live near a main road!).
  • Bamboo fabric is oh so soft and comfy to wear - Lily from the Stylish Teacher raves about it.
  • Bamboo fabric is also stretchy, which is especially great for new mums and has a very low pill. 
  • Bamboo is hypoallergenic - the eco-friendly bamboo fibers do not irritate the skin. Gentler than many man-made fibers, bamboo is a wonderful natural solution for those with sensitive skin.
  • Bamboo is breathable and thermo-regulating – you will stay comfortable whatever the weather; bamboo will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter - magic!
  • Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton – it helps to wick moisture away from the skin.
  • Bamboo is UV protective – it protects you from the sun’s rays, in comfort.

So, now we’ve got you up to speed on all the facts about Bamboo and this magic fabric! Wait till you try it… once you have enveloped yourself in this supremely soft, silky and luxurious fabric you will never want to look at a polyester dress again, we promise you.

 Shop our bamboo styles

You can shop our bamboo jerseys by selecting 'Bamboo' on the left side key of our website, to see our ranges.

Love our bamboo styles? Let us know on Social Media! We would love to hear your stories, or if you want to leave a review, you can do so on any of our product pages and also here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Maiocchi.Fashion/reviews/  xo


Lily The Stylish Teacher

Lily from the Stylish Teacher joins us at Maiocchi to talk us through the prints, reversible dresses and wonderful Bamboo fabric in Maiocchi's Winter 17 collection, Treasure Hunter.

A Collection to Treasure

A Collection to Treasure

Introducing our Autumn Winter Collection ‘Treasure Hunter’

A self-confessed bowerbird, this season our designer Dee has found inspiration in childhood treasures and her love of vintage curiosities.

Dee says…..”since I was a small child I loved to collect pretty things…beads and baubles, sparkly bits and bobs, souvenirs and vintage fabrics swatches, over the years I have loved pulling out my collected treasures, keeping the stories and memories alive in my mind”

‘Treasure Hunter’ is a treasure trove of precious pieces carefully collected and arranged to form a cherished wardrobe that will be worn and loved over the years, becoming a part of your story.

Custom prints feature bowerbirds, vintage bits and bobs, sparkly baubles and fancy vintage inspired florals.

You will love our colour palette of deep jewel tones and opulent shades of sapphire, ruby and emerald with a hint of metallic that will really make your winter wardrobe shine..

You will find a style for every occasion, with jersey wrap dresses with swish as you walk circle skirts in lush bamboo that can take you from desk to dinner without so much as ruffling a feather.

Fancy statement frocks that will turn heads come cocktail hour, and ‘frock n go’ styles that are easy and effortless and can take you from the school drop off, into the weekend or to wow the ladies at lunch.

You’ll be sure to find a precious gem or two in this season’s collection that we hope you will wear and treasure for years to come and that together you will create memories that become a part of your story.

Behind the Scenes of Our Latest Custom Print

Behind the Scenes of Our Latest Custom Print

See our latest custom print come to life and hear our designer Deanne Mayocchi talk about the inspiration behind our Summer Collection. Over the Rainbow is inspired by flowers in the garden and brought to life by the clever team at Maiocchi. Watch the movie to see the print develop from a hand painted floral design to a twirl inspiring retro dress.
Best Australian Boutiques for Travelling

Best Australian Boutiques for Travelling

Nominated as One of Australia's Best Boutiques for Travelling

We’re delighted to announce that Maiocchi has just been nominated as one of Australia’s premier boutiques for getting the right look on your overseas adventures. The travel insurer has just featured us on its round-up of the best boutiques in Australia. 
Along with the other supreme indie brands, we’ve been picked for curating a collection that ‘will take you comfortably and stylishly from dawn to dusk in exotic destinations around the world’. Inspired by our designer Deanne’s travels, our oh-so-special outfits have been singled out for trips to Japan.
‘From the jaw-dropping beauty of snow-capped Mount Fiji to the quirky graphics decorating Tokyo’s subways,’ Bupa writes, ‘Japan is one of the world’s most aesthetically astounding destinations.’ It goes on to suggest readers take style notes from yours truly, commending our soft cotton dresses as much for their ease of packing, as for their flattering patterns and nipped-in tailored waists. Keep cool and comfy while strolling the streets of high-fashion hotspot Harajuku in Tokyo.
With each of our vintage-inspired garments featuring fun textures and trims, attention to detail is in our DNA. We enjoy being as eclectic as possible to ensure our wares are instantly recognisable, whether strolling Australia’s city streets or Japan’s famed blossom gardens.
As Japan heads towards summer, get the look with the last of our Australian summer styles. Choose one of our blossom print dresses and match it with a clutch from Pratten in a stand-out emerald tone to make a scene on the streets of Tokyo. Funky glitter drop earrings from Each to Own takes your look from day to night. Whatever your outfit be sure to pick up a pair of Saltwater Sandals. These reliable shoes are a treat for your feet when you’re spending days sightseeing. Unlike many other travel footwear brands, Saltwater Sandals are as stylish as they are comfortable and come in a range of colours to match your travelling wardrobe.
We’re sure you’ll agree with us that fashion and travel make the perfect pair! For more wanderlust inspiration, and to find out which looks best suit your future travels read Bupa’s article, ‘Australian Boutiques: Get the Right Look for Travelling.’

Meet the Maker - Melanie Augustin

Meet the Maker - Melanie Augustin

Meet the Maker - Melanie Augustin

This is Melanie Grey Augustin

“I lived in Japan for 6 years and fell in love with Japanese Kimono and Obi fabrics. Upon returning to Australia I was eager to share little pieces of Japan. Now, I travel to Japan every year to purchase more fabric.” 

Each piece is handmade from vintage kimono in her Glasshouse Mountains, studio, making it unique and a little piece of history from Japan.

Shop the Melanie Augustin range.

Meet the Maker - Each to Own

Meet the Maker - Each to Own

Meet the Maker - Each to Own

This is Kirsten Devitt

“I started in 2011, working from home and the 
company grew from there. Each To Own is now my full time job - I love to make pieces that incorporate fun patterns to produce both wooden and acrylic pieces that hopefully brighten your day”

Each To Own is made by the very colourful and delightful Kirsten Devitt. 

Her personality totally matches the fun pieces she makes! Each piece is handmade with love in her studio in Northern NSW. 

Shop the Each to Own range.