Meet the model... Kate xo

Meet the model... Kate xo

We thought we would introduce you to Kate, she's new around here!

Meet Kate... aka @itskatejanmaree

Kate is a body positive, self love advocate and fashion content creator who loves spreading good vibes and fashion on her social platforms. She's passionate about encouraging other women to embrace their bodies and themselves at any and every size, and loves creating outfits filled with colour and breaking down social expectations. Outside of Instagram, you'll find her hanging with her partner and step kids, reading a thriller novel or secretly binge watching a trashy reality tv show.

How would you describe your personal style?

Expressive — for me it always depends on the day! I tend to mirror my emotions and views through my outfits so you'll usually find my personality or mood reflected in fun coloured dresses and bright prints. 

Which was your favourite piece from the ‘Pretty in Peony’ collection?

I love the Paloma Dress! It makes me feel super feminine and fancy. The details across the bust and the classic cut of the skirt make it a stand out to me. 

What's your favourite bit about your job as a fashion influencer/model?

I have two favourites - firstly, getting to meet, work for and with, and make friends with some of the most incredible women I've ever crossed paths with! There are so many powerhouse ladies running fashion labels, working as content creators or behind the scenes, and getting to know them and be able to share their passions is honestly so rewarding. Second, being part of changing the narrative for young girls by adding my body to the advertising stage. Helping women re-learn to love themselves and that their bodies are perfect just the way they are because they're starting to see themselves reflected in advertising/online etc.

What’s your favourite place for a cocktail in Brisbane?

My newest find is Iris Rooftop Bar. They do an excellent Margarita and have gorgeous views of Brisbane. 

What are your words to live by?

"You aren't given anything you can't handle." It's my reminder than I'm stronger than I might feel or think, and more deserving than I probably give myself credit for.

What would you like to see Maiocchi feature on their upcoming prints?

Anything bright and colourful! Which I think we all know Dee will deliver on, I love anything that catches your attention with fun colours. 


Kate is wearing our Harper Dress in peony blossom.

Our Pretty in Peonies Collection (part one) launches Sunday 15 May at

7pm AEST xo

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