People & Planet

Our clothes are designed in Brisbane, Australia by Dee and her team. We work with two small garment factories and one printing factory in China, who make in small numbers for us at a premium price.

We are very lucky to have found fabulous suppliers who not only, are willing to work with our small production numbers, but are as passionate as we are about quality and operating ethically, environmentally and fairly.


We have been working with Yan since 2016. Her factory is in GauangZhou. She makes all of our stretch garments. We met her at a trade show in Melbourne and she runs a small family business.

We have had the pleasure of meeting Yan in Australia on several occasions (pre Covid). She even visited us in Brisbane with her family!


We have been working with John since 2018. HIs factory is in Hangzhou. We were introduced to John via our ex production manager who worked with him at Easton Pearson for over 10 years and had visited him in China on many occasions and highly recommended his work and his ethics.

John and his small team make all of our woven garments and his quality and expertise is second to none.


Our fabrics are printed in Shaoxing City by Jane, who we met a trade in Melbourne in 2016. Up until Covid, we would meet with her every year and have built a great relationship with her over many years.

More than just our word

We acknowledge our responsibility to the people in our supply chain and we strive to have long term, positive and transparent partnerships with our suppliers.

We ask our makers to abide by a strict code of conduct, outlining things like health and safety, paying our makers above the legal wage, fair working hours, voluntary overtime always being compensated at premium rate, never any child labour etc. 

Whilst we are confident in our suppliers, we use an independent body for quality control and auditing against globally recognised best practice social and environmental standards to ensure that our suppliers are producing in a socially  and environmentally responsible manner.

These are currently conducted by an independent body called QIMA. We believe in working together with our suppliers to continually improve and influence positive change.

Natural Fibres

Here at Maiocchi we love using eco-friendly materials such as cottons, linens, bamboo and rayon. We favour fabrics that are produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, with a focus on minimising the negative impact on the planet.


You may have noticed that we have rather a thing for bamboo fabric at Maiocchi. 

We love it SO much that we use this fabric for pretty much all of our jersey custom prints these days.

Harvested from a rapidly renewable resource, bamboo's low environmental impact, coupled with its natural antibacterial properties, makes it a wardrobe winner.

Read more about why we love bamboo here.

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Sizes 6-22

We celebrate the diversity of women's styles, shapes, and sizes, and carefully grade our garments to ensure the perfect fit for every size.

14 Day Returns

If something isn’t quite right, you have 14 days (7 days for sale items ) from the day you receive your parcel to return the item to us.


From favouring natural fibres, to our production processes, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact.