Our Favourites Collection 2023

Our Favourites Collection 2023

Four favourite prints. One perfect frock. Which one will catch your eye?

Hi Mavens,

It's Dee here... I just love delving in to our print archive to select four of my favourite prints from the past each year. It's always one of our most popular collections, and one that I have come to look forward to each year.

It's always hard to pick a favourite, so this year I popped a post up in our Mavens group in Facebook, asking for your suggestions and have gotten some great ideas from you for this years 4 prints!

For 2023 we have expanded our style offering to 3 styles, our new reversible Amelia Dress, the Holiday Dress and the Holiday Tee. 

I hope you love the four prints I have selected this year... 

The Hydrangea Print

We originally did this print back in winter 2017 for our 'Treasure Hunter' Collection, and it was a sell out. I just love hydrangeas, they remind me of my Nannas garden and I love the beautiful blue and violet colour palette. You know I don't like to pick favourites, but if I had to choose this would be my top pick from this years Favourites Collection. 


Left 2017 -  Right 2022 Amelia Dress in hydrangea $279.95

The Lanterns Print

This print featured in our 'California Roll' Collection of winter 2018. This is a print, I would not have thought of had it not been for you Mavens mentioning it in the FB post. I am so pleased with how it has come up, as we have brightened the colours and it looks so much better than it did last time... I love all the little details in this print. The more you look at it, the more little details you will notice in the beautiful print that is choc-ful of vibrant jewel colours.


Left 2018 -  Right 2023 Holiday Tee in lanterns $99.95

The Ladybug Print

Ladybugs are believed to be talismans of luck, not to mention they are just adorable. We have brightened up the blue in this print and I think it looks better than ever. The red, blue and white make a striking colour combination that will be sure to turn heads wherever you wear it. 


Left 2017 -  Right 2023 Amelia Dress in ladybug $279.95

The Bee Mine Print

I know, I have chosen 2 prints from Spring 2017.. but I couldn't help myself. I just love green, and this was one of my favourite prints. When we did this dress in 2017, it sold out so quickly that I missed out on getting one for myself. We had some fabric leftover, and we used it to make a trial dress of a new style down the track, and I kept this trial dress for myself. It is a dress I have loved and worn many times since. We have made the green a little more of a blue toned green  this time around, so that it will suit more skin tones - wow factor much!? 


Left 2017 -  Right 2022 Holiday Dress in bee mine $199.95

I hope you love the four prints I have selected this year, and I wish you good luck in choosing your favourite. I can't wait to see which one sells out first.

Dee xo 

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