Maiocchi x Kristen Thompson… our collaboration xo

Maiocchi x Kristen Thompson… our collaboration xo

Introducing 'Dreamweaver'...

For our latest collection ‘Dreamweaver’ our designer Dee, collaborated with local artist and friend Kristen Thompson. Kristen is known for her vibrant, colourful acrylic paintings, often in flowers and always with patterning and texture.


Dee and
Kristen met as school mums, when their children were in primary school together.

Dee said that she first noticed Kristen in the school yard because of her colourful dresses, and then they met and connected over their mutual love of colour and creativity. 

Dee remembers the first time was invited to Kristen's house, being awestruck by how colourful and beautiful it was, with her gorgeous artworks decorating the walls and work of other artists scattered throughout her home.... such a creative space. It has long been her dream to weave Kristen's gorgeous works of art into a Maiocchi collection. 

Kristen's colourful works of art and our Maiocchi frocks are a match made in heaven and work beautifully together. We couldn't be happier with the end result. 


We have asked Kristen about her experience working with Dee to create these beautiful prints…

How did you get started as an artist?

Art has always been my passion going back to when I was young. My mother is an artist and I grew up with all kinds of creativity influences around me. I allowed myself to get distracted by an office management degree and corporate career in my 20s and early 30s but have re-engaged with art full-time since then. In line with that re-emphasis, the style and look of my art has organically evolved to the work you see today.

What was it like working with Dee on the ‘Dreamweaver’ collection? 

I'm thrilled that Dee approached me. I've always admired her work and the cut of her designs. I enjoyed working through the creative design process with her. It is exciting to be part of the Maiocchi collection.

What is your process for creating these beautiful paintings? 

Each piece tends to have a different approach. I don't like to be prescriptive in my approach because that can lead to 'same-same' artwork. Depending on my inspiration I tend to start with blocks of colour and then start the layering process from there.

How long does it take you to do each one?

How long is a piece of string?! The 'Lagoon' (navy canvas) was a colourful jungle-inspired theme and after looking at it for some time I did the navy overlay to create a more botanical composition. 

Generally when I'm near-happy with what I've created, I stand the painting in a prominent position in my house and let it catch my eye over a number of weeks. I also canvas the opinions of my biggest fans, my family, who are never short of an opinion ;-). From that process, I then take the steps that I feel is required to resolve the piece to my satisfaction. 

Which is your favourite frock from the ‘Dreamweaver' collection?

That is so hard to pick, Dee's dresses are all so easy to wear. If I have to choose... the light, fluttery and flattering Evie dress.

Dreamweaver drops on Sunday the 13th of November at 7pm (QLD Time)

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