Maiocchi X Ruby Olive... Our Collaboration xo

Maiocchi X Ruby Olive... Our Collaboration xo

A message from our designer Dee...

I've always had a special place in my heart for Skye from Ruby Olive and her alarmingly cute array of accessories.

Just like me, Skye is a local Brisbane business owner who has a love of all things colourful. 

Just like Maiocchi, Skye's accessories brand Ruby Olive aims to brighten your day with a rainbow of colour and fun. 

When we released our original heart print back in 2017, we did our first collaboration with Ruby Olive and I still wear and love the little heart earrings from that collaboration today. 

So when I realised that we needed the perfect little heart stud to match our latest print release, Queen of Hearts.. it was Skye who immediately came to mind. 

These pieces have been designed with love by Skye and I couldn't be happier with the end result. When I visited her studio to see the samples, there was actual jumping up and down and squealing! 

Pucker up for the perfect pairing - Maiocchi X Ruby Olive.

All you need is love and a Maiocchi frock (and a matching pair of Ruby Olive earrings) xo 

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