Our Favourites Collection 2022 xo

Our Favourites Collection 2022 xo

Four favourite prints. One perfect frock. Which one will catch your eye?

Hi Mavens,

We have once again delved into the Maiocchi print archive to select four of our favourite prints from the past for this very limited edition collection.

Its always hard to pick a favourite (let alone four!) We have done so many gorgeous prints over the past 20 years, and upon looking back through the archive, one things for sure, we favour bright, bold and mood-boosting prints. The sort of prints that make you happy and bring a smile to everyone around you. We hope you love the four we have selected this year. 


We originally did this print back in winter 2015 for our 'Being Bookish' Collection, and it was a sell out. For 2022, we have brightened it up a little by changing the black and grey background colour to navy and royal blue. Also, 2015 was before we started using bamboo, so we are excited to be bringing this print back in a much better fabrication this time around.

Left 2015 -  Right 2022 Lucinda Dress in paper cranes $279


This print featured in our 'Sail Away' Collection of summer 2017. In a fit and flare style last time around, we know many of you will be hip hip hooraying to see this print in our Lucinda Dress. We also have this print coming soon in a Holiday Dress (stay tuned)

Left 2017 -  Right 2022 Lucinda Dress in flamingo fun $279


If you remember back in winter 2016, this print was a sell out. We did a more fitted style last time around, and we are jumping for joy to be able to get our hands on this print in our fave Lucinda style. We love this print so much that we snuck in a little Grace Reversible Tee as well! 

Left 2016 -  Right 2022 Lucinda Dress in orient excess $279


How could we not repeat this vibrant print with butterflies. Whenever we have done a butterfly print over the years, it has always won your hearts (and wardrobes!) In winter 2017, we did this print in a fifties dress, so it has never been done before in a stretch style.. and what a way to bring this print back than in a beautiful blue butterfly Lucinda Dress. We have brightened up the colour this time around, so that it will suit more skin tones - wow factor much!? 

Left 2017 -  Right 2022 Lucinda Dress in butterfly kisses $279

I hope you love the four prints I have selected this year, and I wish you good luck in choosing your favourite. I can't wait to see which one sells out first. My guess is the flamingo print (maybe??) 

Dee xo 

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