Our Favourites Collection 2021 xo

Our Favourites Collection 2021 xo

HI Mavens,

For 2021, I have once again delved into the print archive for our second ever Favourites Collection.

Last year we offered our bestselling Lucinda Dress in our first ever Favourites Collection, but during the year I asked our Mavens which dress they preferred - the Lucinda or the Arabella.

The result was pretty much 50/50 and I didn’t want to disappoint, so we have made some in each style. Please note, we have more dress overall in each print but as they are across two styles, we have less dresses in each style than we had last year, so it really is limited! We do have some in our new sizes 20 and 22. 

Four favourite prints.

Two perfect styles.

The only thing that’s up for debate is which one will catch your eye?


The Lucky Cat Print will be sure to bring you the best of luck whenever you wear it. We did this print back in 2018, but please note, we have changed the shade of green to a more blue based green which we believe is a colour that suits more skin tones than the previous one, which was a brighter more yellow based green. 

The Butterfly print will brighten up every room you walk into. Warning: this one's not for wallflowers! This one is in an eye popping red, and has hand colouring detail on the flowers.

The Ballerina Print in black will have you twirling towards your very best life. Consider this one your ticket to happiness. This remains my favourite print to date (wannabee ballerina that I am!) I still wear the original dress we did in this print, which has a tie at the bust and is quite revealing really, so I bags an Arabella in this print! The skirts on the ballerinas are hand coloured my me! 

The Heart Print in navy is cute enough to break hearts wherever it goes. Lsst time we did this print it was on a black background, and I think it looks much nicer on the navy. We also tweaked the colours a bit so they are more bright and colourful. This print is so cute we have also added a Holiday Dress in this one. Perfect Valentine's Date Dress anyone? 

In super limited quantities, these fancy frocks are a little bit spesh and they will not be repeated, so don't dilly dally.

Launching on Sunday 7th February, at 7pm (AEST that's Queensland time)

Launching in 3, 2, 1…. set your alarms Mavens!


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