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Maiocchi Blog

Take a peek into Maiocchi's neck of the woods and find out about our retro cotton styles and Japanese inspired prints.

Spotted – Lily from The Stylish Teacher in Japanese Cotton Favourite

Spotted – Lily from The Stylish Teacher in Japanese Cotton Favourite

The lovely Lily from The Stylish Teacher popped into our store over the weekend and picked out this great workwear dress. The Between the Pages Dress is made from Japanese Cotton and has stretch panelling on the sides for comfort and ease. This Dress is so versatile you can wear it work or dress is up with some killer heels.
Spotted – Shelly Horton in the Maiocchi Midi

Spotted – Shelly Horton in the Maiocchi Midi

We spotted Shelly on Channel 7 all frocked up in Maiocchi. Pictured above is Shelly in the Head Over Heels Skirt. The top is made from super soft bamboo jersey and has handmade quirky buttons as the shoulder detailing. The midi skirt is made from beautiful Japanese Cotton and The vertical panels are guaranteed to flatter, creating a slimmer appearance and instantly elongating the figure. 

Pictured below is Shelly wearing the Neverland Dress in Charcoal. This easy to wear asymmetrical stretch dress is one of our most popular shapes due to its figure flattering qualities. We love the folding and button detain on neckline in contrast fabric. The texture of this ‘brocade’ like stretch fabric will hide any lumps and bumps.

Christmas Winners

Christmas Winners

Introducing the Winners of the Christmas Giveaway

We had such a great response to the #maiocchiselfie Christmas competition. Thank you to all the ladies who posted pictures of themselves in retro Maiocchi dresses. The winners have been contacted via email and facebook. 
The list of prizes included the Ray of Sunshine Japanese cotton dress, a Japanese cotton Mini Maiocchi Dress, an exclusive Japanese cotton tea towel, A Maiocchi Cotton Cushion, a pair of each to own earrings, our favourite Maiden Voyage clutch and a pair of festive salt water sandals. 
Congratulations to the winners, we hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas.
Guest Blog - Re:My Style

Guest Blog - Re:My Style

Guest Blogger from Re: My Style talk Christmas Dresses and Gifts

Some of you may know the lovely Lise from Re:My Style. We asked her to give us her top tips for the festive season, on what to wear and what to buy for christmas. These are her top picks for the upcoming December Christmas month!

This year my Christmas social calendar is fuller than a certain reality TV star’s hips and bank account, and it’s fair to say I’m feeling a touch overwhelmed. From work parties to neighbourhood barbecues and get-togethers with besties, there seems to be something on bi-weekly, not to mention an obscene amount of Christmas shopping to do. Dear Santa…HELP!

So my mission this silly season? A one-stop-shop approach that will satiate my need for party-worthy frocks AND provide me with a plethora of gorgeous gifts in one fell swoop. Oh hello, Maiocchi!

So here it is. My Maiocchi Selections for Christmas Chaos, 2014, per event and per gift recipient. You’re welcome!

WORK CHRISTMAS PARTY - Fun yet work-place appropriate. Head-turning yet polished. Winner! The Dreamsicle Dress in Red, this dress is a patchwork dream. Perfect combination of Japanese Cotton mixed in a cute as a button 1950’s style. Vintage cool.

NEIGHBOURHOOD DRINKS - Casual chic. Comfort is key. Things may get messy….
She’s Delusional Dress in Black, I’ve been told this dress is Dee’s favourite and I can see why, made from soft Japanese cotton, these breezy carefree frock is a total winner and 100% Maiocchi style. Wear with or without the Reversible She's Delusional Bolero.
CHRISTMAS DAY - Festive, fresh and classic. Bring on the apricot truffles!
The Earn Your Stripes Dress in Flame - the perfect vintage style dress for Christmas, made from Linen and cotton it’s sure to keep cool while gorging on homemade treats.

KINDY TEACHERS - We have a tradition in our family whereby the boys choose a beautiful Christmas tree decoration to gift to each of their teachers at the end of the year. We love it, they love it, the teachers love it! Total festive love fest. Prices range from $12- $30 and can be bought in our Maiocchi Stores.


BEST FRIEND - One of my best girlfriend’s is expecting a little girl next year, so I’ve hit the jackpot with this pressie idea! Firstly, a divinely cute Mini Maiocchi dress for her new little lady to grow into. 100% cotton and 100% adorable, she is sure to cry hormonal tears of joy over this piece. Secondly, a functional and funky Maiocchi tote bag, because as she stands on the precipice of motherhood, I need to arm her with the tools required to become a stylish sherpa. For we all know that she will soon be carrying ALL THE THINGS FOR EVERYONE. Get ready, girlfriend!

MUM - Mum’s home decor seems to be going through a mid-life crisis at the moment. The lounges have exited stage left, the art-work has been re-homed to my sister’s place, and mum is on a redecorating mission like no other. These custom retro print Maiocchi cushions will definitely elevate me to ‘favourite daughter’ status this year. Awesome. Oh! Have you seen the new Maiocchi Tea Towels - perfect stocking filler.
- See more at: http://www.maiocchi.com.au/_blog/Maiocchi_News/post/guest-blog-remy-style/#sthash.HkQ8RMfh.dpuf
Meet the Maiocchi Model

Meet the Maiocchi Model

Meet our Summer Model - Chelsea Crawford

Where did you grow up?
The sunny, sunny Gold Coast. Home of sand, sand and more sand!
How did you get started in the world of modelling?
My eldest brother forced me, and then I ended up liking it.

Which foreign destinations have you worked in?
Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and soon to be New York.

What was your most exciting modelling job?
Shooting for Elle Magazine.

Your Favourite Beauty Product?
Nice smelling hair spray.

What’s the best part of your job?
Rad People, Cool Clothes, Always Fun.

What’s the worst part of your job?
Early morning wake –ups!!!

What’s was your favourite piece from the collection?
Dreamscile Top In Neptune and Dreamsicle Skirt In Calico.

Merry Maiocchi Giveaway

Merry Maiocchi Giveaway

Christmas - it’s the most wonderful time of the year. 

We have 7 amazing prizes to give away over the next week.
The best gift of all is when we see our fabulous customers all frocked up in Maiocchi.

To take part in this competition we ask you to take a Maiocchi Selfie and hastag #maiocchiselfie and #maiocchichristmas on instagram or post your Maiocchi selfie on our facebook wall. If you are out of the social media loop you can email your selfie to pr@maiocchi.com.au

Today is the day ladies, get a little bit fancy and frock up in Maiocchi this Christmas. 

Spotted - Mamastylista wearing our Retro Cotton Dress

Spotted - Mamastylista wearing our Retro Cotton Dress

The lovely Deauvanné from Mamastylista headed to a wedding this weekend wearing one of our favourite cotton dresses from the Summer Collection, Woods of Wisdom. A great retro style in a Japanese inspired print. We love the cute as a button birds. 

The Feathered Friends Dress is just perfect for a garden party, wedding or your upcoming Christmas party. Made from cotton elastane this frock has just the right amount of stretch and is a very flattering style. 

The contrasting piping helps to create an hourglass shape and the square neckline opens up the chest drawing the eye to the face. We think Deavanné looks just lovely! 

You can read all about what she wore on her blog.

Behind the scenes Blog by our Maiocchi intern

Behind the scenes Blog by our Maiocchi intern

The alarm blares at 5:00am in the morning.... the annoying noise we all hate.  I reach for my phone and switch it off, before rolling out of bed, but then I remember with a flash of excitement that today is not just your normal cookie cutter day, it’s the summer 2014 photo shoot. 

I quickly scramble to get ready, throwing together a somewhat hap-hazard look. Then make a quick dash to Zarraffa’s. I guzzle my drink down on the way to location with then tension and excitement building inside of me, or maybe it’s the caffeine kicking. I pull up to the studio which looks like an old brick warehouse, you would have no idea that behind the heavy black metal garage door lays a world of crisp white walls, camera equipment and lights.

Dee has just arrived and she quickly gives me a list of jobs, I hop to it, happy to have been given the opportunity to come on shoot as an intern. I quickly move the collection and accessories from her car onto the waiting racks and tables making sure to place the items in the most efficient way possible, before taking a moment to admire the beautiful collection assembled. I look up at the sound of voices; the rest of the team has arrived. 

The studio becomes a beehive of activity with the make-up artist quickly whisking the model into hair and make-up. The photographer begins the complicated task of setting up his equipment constantly playing with the lights and angles, it has to be perfect. My task in this flurry of activity is to capture the behind the behind the scenes moments. 

And before I know it, the model is ready to be dressed. I quickly help her slip into the first outfit making sure it fit, before I then hand her the required accessories for the look. At this point its lights camera action as the photographer and Dee take control photographing the front and back of each look, with a few candid shoots thrown in for fun. 

This process repeats for all 60 looks, and then the true fun begins with campaign shoots. These shots are the fun ones with cues from Dee and inspirations from mood boards.  We got the shots so keep your eyes peeled. All the while in the shadows, I take the behind the scenes shots. I watch on in fascination as the photo shoot unfolds before my eyes, and I realise in that moment the amount of blood, sweat and tears that goes into creating the look books and campaign shoots. 

By the end of the day I am exhausted but content today is one of those days where you know you have achieved something great and you just can’t wait for people to see the result.  Check out my behind the scenes photos on pinterest.


Woods of Wisdom - Summer Retro Goodness

Woods of Wisdom - Summer Retro Goodness

Deanne Mayocchi our clever Maiocchi designer share her inspiration for the Summer Woods of Wisdom Collection.

Continuing with my ongoing love of all things floral, this season I have looked towards nature and woodland blooms as my botanical muse.

Inspiration has come from childhood memories of long sunny days spent daydreaming, listening to birds sing, smelling the flowers and climbing trees. 

Custom prints for the season are nature inspired and reminiscent of childlike sketches and paper cut outs. A country cottage sets the scene with a garden in bloom, feathered friends and other woodland creatures. (Shop the retro Dreamsicle Range)

Naïve little cotton sundresses have been re imagined in more grown up vintage style silhouettes. Fabulously retro styles are abundant in fun and playful yet ladylike and feminine frocks. True to Maiocchi's DNA the collection is not with out the Japanese cotton fabrics and Asian inspired prints.

Woods of Wisdom is not for the shrinking violet, with its bold childlike colours of red, yellow and bright blues which have been offset with muted dreamy tones of calico and peach.

I hope you love the Summer Collection as much as I do.

Dee. xx

Dee's fave Christmas recipe - Apricot Macadamia Truffles

Dee's fave Christmas recipe - Apricot Macadamia Truffles

This recipe is courtesy of my Aunty Sue, who is a truly excellent cook.
My Dad always made apricot balls at Christmas when I was growing up and I loved them but this recipe from Aunty Sue is much better than the usual Apricot ball recipe as it has white chocolate - enough said! ( sorry Dad!) 

Be warned - they are dangerously addictive - I cant stop eating them. 
We always have these on the table on Christmas Day, so I eat them after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch ...you get the idea....basically I keep popping them in my mouth throughout the day.

Hope you like them as much as I do. 
I would love to see a pic if anyone makes this recipe!

Dee xo

Apricot Macadamia Truffles

Makes about 36

165g ( 1 cup ) chopped dried apricots ( I use half turkish and half of the other apricots - if you use all Turkish it does not taste apricot-y enough)
2 tbs white rum
2 x 200g packets Nestle Plaistowe white chocolate - melted
1 x 395g can sweetened condensed milk
145g (1 cup) toasted macadamia nuts - chopped
170g (2 cups) toasted desiccated coconut

1. Combine apricots and rum in a small bowl and set aside for 10 minutes to soak.
2. Place chocolate, condensed milk, apricot mixture, nuts and half of the coconut in a bowl and stir to combine. ( I do this in the food processor as it is much quicker) 
Place in the fridge for 1 hour or until firm.
3. Spread the remaining coconut over a plate. I use a 1 tablespoon scoop to measure the mixture for each ball. If I want to make them all perfectly even ( which of course I do!! )  I use a knife to flatten off the top of the 1 tablespoon scoop so that I am getting exactly the same amount of mixture each time.
You then need to roll them into balls and roll in the coconut to coat.
Store in an airtight container in the fridge.

My tip:
Do all step 1 (measuring) then all step 2 (rolling) then all step 3  (rolling in coconut)
So get a couple of extra plates. 
Measure out all the 1 tablespoon lumps of apricot mixture and put them on the plates in little mounds. Do this until all the mixture is used.
Then do the rolling of all the balls. 
Then do the rolling in coconut bit to all the balls.
This method saves a lot of mess!