Our Maiocchi Mavens Group xo

Our Maiocchi Mavens Group xo

hello! dee here,
after another amazing launch on sunday, i got to thinking about what a wonderful community of ladies we have here at maiocchi.
our launch events are truly the highlight of my year... seeing everyone in their maiocchi frocks, past and present. the thrill of our customer super models getting made up and frocked up and rocking the runway, and the other women cheering them on enthusiastically.

feeling the support of all of the women who come along to our events and buy our frocks each season (thank you!!)

seeing how much love you ladies have for our colourful prints and flattering frocks. i've been getting private messages from our ladies, snapping pics of themselves in their latest maiocchi purchase, and it really puts a smile on my face.

sometimes running your own business can be hard, i work long hours, often up and at the office at 2am, but i love what i do and seeing the community of fabulous women we have at maiocchi really makes it all worthwhile.

i'm starting this group to try to recreate the love and community of our launch events right here in our own little corner of the internet.

i would be tickled pink to see a pic of you in your maiocchi frock. so please, prep your insta hubby, boyfriend (or your kids) and get snapping. post a pic of the maiocchi frock you are wearing to work today, to school drop off, the dress you wore to your best friends wedding on the weekend, a romantic rendezvous? wowing the ladies at lunch? your birthday? please share and imagine me doing a little happy dance in my office at 2am!!
you can join the maiocchi mavens group here

love and kisses,
dee xo

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