Our Pretty Please Collection xo

Our Pretty Please Collection xo

...it all started with a patchwork geisha my mum made years ago.

it is a piece that I love and have treasured over the years, in fact i keep it pinned onto the noticeboard next to my desk.

my mum used to be really into patchwork, it’s how I came to love the all of the oriental prints, i think she made the patchwork geisha with her quilting group (they would meet weekly to drink cups of tea and work on their quilting projects together – how nice is that!)

i love patchwork also and it has often inspired me in our fabric prints over the years, i guess i got it from my mum.

i wanted to use the patchwork geisha in a garment, but I knew it wouldn’t be commercially viable to actually make patchwork geisha's, as it would take hours just to make one. so we scanned in the piece and worked it into a print design.

i wanted to continue with the patchwork theme, by piecing together a collection of beautiful oriental prints into the one dress.

i worked with our print designer kellie to create all of the prints.

when i was in japan we discovered this really out of the way warehouse full of gorgeous vintage kimono, needless to say, i filled a suitcase with them to bring home with me.

they have just been sitting in boxes ever since, so i took them over to kellie’s house and we spread them out all over the floor and talked about all of our favourite bits.

this is what inspired the kimono print, it’s like my dream oriental print!

i spent days at kellie’s house, looking over her shoulder while we tried out different designs and colour combinations.

as this was my dream print, i also wanted to make the style of the dress my dream dress.

i wanted it to be comfortable and easy to wear and something that, although it looks quite fancy and really is a statement piece, i could just throw it on and go to the shops in it if I wanted to, but it also could be dressed up and worn to a fancy affair.

i love the idea of wearing your special pieces everyday and not saving them for best. i also love that you can throw on a statement printed dress and run out the door and look and feel fabulous. you will totally see me at the shops in this dress with my birkenstocks and no make up, but i'll also be wearing it to fancy events.

i love the feeling of wearing a full, floaty dress, so I decided to print it onto a beautiful rayon that is really soft and drapes.

enter the ‘ruffled all over dress’

if I had a maiocchi uniform, it would be this dress, i could happily wear it every day, it’s all of my favourite things wrapped up into one fancy frock.

but wait, there’s more!

there are also lots of other beautiful pieces in this collection, so pucker up for perfect spring dresses in our gorgeous custom prints for the season.

i’ve taken inspiration from all things perfectly pretty…. there are ruffles, vintage laces and a patchwork of printed bindings trimming the frocks.

i also went with all of fave colours...ornate oriental florals are seen in rich scarlet, jade green and traditional indigo hues.

styles are easy to wear and of course oh so flattering! in a patchwork of striking prints that stand out from the crowd.

these dresses are ready to celebrate springtime (it's my favourite season)

be prepared to swoon!

i hope you will find something you will love and treasure,

dee xo

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