Model and Me... Nikki in our Alice Lace Dress xo

Model and Me... Nikki in our Alice Lace Dress xo

Did you see Nikki's latest Model and Me post?

She featured our Alice Lace Dress in the green.

We just love Nikki's Model and Me posts because  she shows what the dress looks like on our model (wearing our sample size 8) and then shows the same dress dress on her (she is wearing the size 14 in our Alice Lace Dress) and we know how much you love seeing our dresses on different shapes and sizes.

Nikki looks just fabulous in this gorgeous green colour and she says she loves a festive dress... "I’m a big traditionalist when it comes to choosing festive outfits, opting for classic colours of green, red, white and, of course anything that sparkles gold or silver."

You can read Nikki's full blog post here

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