Meet the Models... Tien xo

Meet the Models... Tien xo

We celebrated our BLOOM Collection and all of the fabulous women who wear our frocks, with a little soiree at Lumiere Events.

We thought we'd introduce you to some of our most Marvelous Maiocchi Mavens, who took to the catwalk as our super models for the day.

We really are very lucky to be dressing some of the most clever, fabulous and fun ladies in all of the land.

Meet Tien...
Tien is a Master of International Affairs student at the Australian National University down in Canberra; COVID has allowed her to come home and do her assessment remotely.

When did you buy your first Maiocchi dress?
I was living in Byron Bay with my grandmother over the 2019-2020 summer holidays and my mum went to Brisbane for a meeting and I asked her to pop into the Paddington shop for me as I had my eye on the gorgeous peachy-orange-red colourway of the wrapped and ready dress.  I had been following the brand for years via the Brisbane Arcade and my mum's purchases, but hadn't plunged in myself.  Mum came back with it that very day and I have been in love with Maiocchi' s punchy, vibrant, Queensland-appropriate prints and wearable styles and fabrics ever since.

Describe yourself in 3 words…
Effervescent. Resilient. Swish.

Which is your fave dress from the BLOOM Collection?
The one I wore in the parade, the Arabella in the navy garden print. 

What’s the best place or occasion you have worn a Maiocchi dress?
Every occasion is special when I slip into a Maiocchi frock, but I would have to say the very first time I wore my very first dress. My ex-boyfriend, who I had seen only twice since 2014, received a posting from the Navy to move to Cairns and was driving up from country Victoria, with his sister who I had never met before, where they had spent Christmas at the family home.  We offered to let them stay with us in Byron Bay.  I was able to wear my new dress to greet them and we headed straight out to a wonderful Japanese restaurant.  I felt super confident and my dress matched the cuisine.

What would you like to see Maiocchi feature on their upcoming prints? 
Yabane, tea ceremonies, traditional wooden Japanese boats, obi bows, copper pheasants, iris flowers, wisteria, tiger lily flowers, ocean waves, sashimi, and clouds.

Tien is wearing the Arabella Dress in navy garden.

A BIG thank you to...
the blow dry room for the models beautiful hair do's
sally williams beauty for the models lovely make up
kate luke photography for the amazing pics 

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