Meet the Models... Jane xo

Meet the Models... Jane xo

we celebrated our spring collection 'pretty please' and all of the fabulous women who wear our frocks, with a little soiree in our paddington store.

we thought we'd introduce you to some of our most fabulous maiocchi ladies, who took to the catwalk as our super models for the day.

we really are very lucky to be dressing some of the most clever, fabulous and fun ladies in all of the land.

meet jane...

jane is a mum of 3 teenage boys and a husband, so there is never a dull moment in her house!!
she loves expensive champagne, holidays to bali and glamour. 
jane works full time in a primary school and spends her days avoiding sticky fingers and head lice!

when did you buy your first maiocchi dress?
my first ever maiocchi 'dress' was the jumpsuit on I purchased at the soiree on sunday (true story!)

describe yourself in 3 words…
vivacious, expensive and comfortable.

which is your fave dress from the ‘pretty please’ collection?
my favourite is the green jumpsuit (duh, that’s why I bought it!!!)

what’s the best place or occasion you have worn a maiocchi dress?
at the spring launch, what a lovely day! 

what would you like to see maiocchi feature on their upcoming prints? 
i would love love love  to see matching headbands/turbans in the collection, especially for those of us who are scared of wearing full patterned outfits but we can incorporate some maiocchi with a headband or a turban.

 jane is wearing:
crowd pleaser top in red kimono 
going all out culottes




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