Meet the Models... Gabrielle xo

Meet the Models... Gabrielle xo

We celebrated our BLOOM Collection and all of the fabulous women who wear our frocks, with a little soiree at Lumiere Events.

We thought we'd introduce you to some of our most Marvelous Maiocchi Mavens, who took to the catwalk as our super models for the day.

We really are very lucky to be dressing some of the most clever, fabulous and fun ladies in all of the land.

Meet Gabrielle ...
Gabrielle is a Registered Nurse and is married with three grown up daughters and three granddaughters. She loves to spend my time with her extended family, exploring our beautiful bushland areas with my rescue dog, and doing yoga. She also makes her own delicious yoghurt which we have tasted, and it's awesome!! 

When did you buy your first Maiocchi dress?
I think it’s so long ago that I don’t remember!  But I do remember walking past the store and being drawn inside by the gorgeous Japanese inspired prints in the window. Nowadays, it’s impossible for me to walk by without a quick visit!

Describe yourself in 3 words…
Short. Feisty. Passionate.

Which is your fave dress from the BLOOM Collection?
The Arabella Dress in the multi garden, the colours are so uplifting.

What’s the best place or occasion you have worn a Maiocchi dress?
I have so many happy memories attached to my Maiocchi dresses. I’ve worn them to special occasions, casual families events and to work. People always comment because the glorious prints are so unique!
But I have to say I still smile when I think of when I first wore the Lulu dress in the fun paper dolls print.  I bought this one knowing my little granddaughter Olivia would be fascinated by the dolls, and she was! We spent a lot of time finding all the dollies on the dress, and of course, she has her own paper dolls dress too!

What would you like to see Maiocchi feature on their upcoming prints? 
More of the same! I always look forward to the new releases, because the prints are so colourful and unique! I love being able to wear dresses to work that aren’t the usual corporate dull greys and blacks, but still look chic and professional. Wearing colour is something I think Queensland women do particularly well.

Gabrielle is wearing our Harper Dress in green sketch
and her granddaughter Olivia is wearing the Mini Maiocchi in green sketch

A BIG thank you to...
the blow dry room for the models beautiful hair do's
sally williams beauty for the models lovely make up
kate luke photography for the amazing pics 

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