Meet the Models... Akua xo

Meet the Models... Akua xo

We celebrated our BLOOM Collection and all of the fabulous women who wear our frocks, with a little soiree at Lumiere Events.

We thought we'd introduce you to some of our most Marvelous Maiocchi Mavens, who took to the catwalk as our super models for the day.

We really are very lucky to be dressing some of the most clever, fabulous and fun ladies in all of the land.
Meet Akua (prounounced Ah-Queer-ah)...
I'm an African-Australian, originally from Ghana, with a passion for people and community. I spend most of my days serving the needs of others as I find fulfilment in doing acts of service. I am currently a mentor for women in engineering, a role model to younger women in STEM, a supporter of girls education initiatives on the African continent; I sew, model, support small businesses, and run workshops. Oh! and when I have a spare moment I work fulltime as an electrical engineer.
Instagram: @akua.larbi

When did you buy your first Maiocchi dress?
Confession time - I've don't have my very own Maiocchi dress (YET). 
I only came to know Maiocchi earlier this year in May through their Maiocchi Masterpiece Colouring-in competition for adults and kids of all ages. Honestly printed out multiple couples of this piece to just work through as I was working FIFO at the time (which is already a lonely kinda environment) and the restrictions didn't make it any easier. 
Haven't bought one yet because I haven't gone anywhere fancy yet. 

Describe yourself in 3 words…
Confident. Black. Woman.
After the year we've had, this is truer for me now more than ever before.

Which is your fave dress from the BLOOM Collection?
I don't have a favourite item yet, as I haven't seen the collection. But I love the fact that the design and print for the bloom collection came through collaboration with a local small business owner (I've just stalked Julie Tomaszewski online and on LinkedIn)

What’s the best place or occasion you have worn a Maiocchi dress?
On the runway for the BLOOM launch

What would you like to see Maiocchi feature on their upcoming prints? 
I have personally been leaning towards native Australian plants of late, and would especially love to see ferns, specifically Blechnum nudum (also called fishbone waterfern have a feature as one of the many amazing Maiocchi prints one day. Does not necessarily have to be of the same green colour - can just be the outline in black on a white print or something - I'm not a designer so i have no idea, but I just think it would look amazing.

Akua is wearing the Penny Dress in green sketch
A BIG thank you to...
the blow dry room for the models beautiful hair do's
sally williams beauty for the models lovely make up
kate luke photography for the amazing pics 

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