Meet our Model Employee... Stevie xo

Meet our Model Employee... Stevie xo

we thought we'd introduce you to some of the fabulous women who make maiocchi happen and today we're introducing you to our smiling-est superstar and fashion guardian angel, stevie.

we asked her all the tricky questions, and here's what she had to say...

what did you want to be when you grew up? 

i wanted to be a pilot or a veterinarian but creative pastimes always filled my days, such as crafting, designing and sewing.

how long have you been a maiocchi girl?

for years! i first fell in love with maiocchi many years ago and was lucky enough to land a gig at the paddington store back in 2016.

what is your role at maiocchi?

i am a stylist working between both of our boutiques, but I see my role at maiocchi as a fashion guardian angel!

what is your favourite thing about being part of the maiocchi family?

i love working with our beautiful clients to find the perfect dress for each and every woman that walks through our doors - we all love the way the perfect frock makes you feel, and I want everyone to feel like that every day! maiocchi's high standard of quality, timeless designs and fabulous prints mean that i am able to help women look and feel amazing about themselves.

what led you to maiocchi career or study wise? 

i have always loved japanese art and culture, so maiocchi's use of beautiful japanese-inspired aesthetics caught my attention early.

what do you get up to when you’re not being a maiocchi girl?

i am an active soul and love walking, nature, music and unleashing creativity! in my days off you're likely to see me power-walking along the brisbane river,  creating a costume for a music festival or trawling the local thrift stores for a vintage piece of australian fashion

what’s your favourite piece from the ‘pretty please’ collection?

the 'crowd pleaser' jumpsuit is my absolute fave, and a miracle jumpsuit to boot! it looks amazing on ladies of all shapes and sizes and comes in so many fun prints, perfect for an australian summer

what's your secret style tip?

a fun pair of earrings lift any outfit, so whip out your dangles!

what's your fave place to eat in brissie?

i looove japanese food and bishamon japanese restaurant in spring hill is my go-to for a big bowl of niku udon

ps: stevie is wearing the 'crowd pleaser' dress in the black print xo

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