Maiocchi and Julie Tomaszewski... our collaboration xo

Maiocchi and Julie Tomaszewski... our collaboration xo

For our beautiful ‘Bloom’ collection our designer Dee, collaborated with local artist and friend Julie Tomaszewski. Julie is known for her whimsical botanical’s drawings and watercolours.

Dee and Julie have been friends for over 10 years and were in a mother’s group together when their children were born. Both Dee and Julie are Mums to only children and both have been single Mum's so they have had a few things in common in their journey as Mums, business owners and creatives which has drawn them together over the years. Dee has watched Julie grow as an artist and admired her beautiful watercolours and pen drawings.

Last year Julie took a trip to Japan and was inspired by all the gorgeous Japanese florals. As Dee has long taken inspiration from the same, she asked Julie to do a print collaboration and that is where our ‘Bloom’ collection began.

We have asked Julie about her experience working with Dee to create these beautiful prints…

How did you get started as an artist?

I was always creative as a child, making and sketching, and this has naturally continued into adulthood.  I pursued this interest into more formal studies with a Design Degree, but I feel that my own personal expressive work has only started to emerge over the last couple of years. Growing up surrounded by nature has given me a greater appreciation for it and has been a great source of my inspiration - it's beauty, colour, textures and forms. Over the years I have tried to capture this through my watercolours, gouache and ink work. Also experimenting with different mediums and media, inclusive of textiles as print and surface design.  It's still very much work in progress.

What was it like working with Dee on the ‘Bloom’ collection? 

I have known Dee for a little while now and have always been a huge admirer, both as a person and also as a strong female role model. It is a mammoth task to juggle being a parent, maintaining your individual aspirations and autonomy of self, creative interests and being a business entrepreneur. The process was a great opportunity and also a big learning curve for me, as this was the first time I had collaborated on a textile collection. The Bloom collection is very much a celebration of the colours of "Spring" our favourite time of the year.

Tell us about your Japan trip and what inspired you?

I have traveled to Japan twice now, in 2018 & 2019. Once during cherry blossom season which was amazing to see and experience for the first time. I have always been inspired my Japanese aesthetics - the collision between old and new, the connection and inspiration from nature, tea ceremonies, Wabi-Sabi - the appreciation of beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent and incomplete in nature" This was probably the most inspiring of my recent botanical illustrations/watercolours.

What is your process for creating these beautiful paintings and drawings? 

Sometimes it's difficult to put to paper the exact moment or thought process that happens when I decide to illustrate/draw. I would describe this process as "situational" but most times it's finding a "space/place" where I can "self reflect and ponder" These are the moments that I shut off from the world and escape. I go on a lot walks and we're very lucky in Queensland where we have beautiful weather and nature to get inspiration from. Inspiration can be from the smallest of "things" and it's appreciation for these details that I try to capture the most.

How long does it take you to do each one?

Each piece is different and dependent on the size and medium. Sometimes if time permits, they can be completed with in a few hours but others over a couple of days.

Which is your favourite frock from the ‘Bloom collection?

I love the Harper Dress in green. 

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