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five reasons to get together with your girlfriends this weekend

November 24, 2019

five reasons to get together with your girlfriends this weekend

we think there’s nothing better than putting on a fancy new frock and catching up with your besties

so we’ve kindly put together a list for you to make it official (just in case you need an excuse!)

1. it boosts happiness and reduces stress

research suggests that a catch up with your girlfriends will increase happiness and reduce stress.

a night off from your regular busy life to relax and chat to your girls is a huge tick for your well being.


 2. drinking champagne may be good for you

extra points if your girlie catch ups involve champagne.

a recent study also revealed that drinking a glass or two of champagne may help improve your memory.

we didn’t really need a reason to drink champagne but if it’s for our health…


3. to get dressed up

it’s the start of the festive season and we can’t think of a better way to show off your new summer frock.

summer is our favourite season for girlie catch ups because the weather is perfect for wearing dresses that twirl in brightly coloured prints.


4. girls give great advice

a girlie catch up is there for your "A team" to give you advice on all the important things in life.

girls you keep around are the ones who will shape your life.

they don't want anything in return but your friendship -- and possibly to borrow that new maiocchi frock you've been rocking.


5. to cut loose and blow off steam

there’s nothing better than a catch up with the girls to make us feel like the younger version of ourselves, the one who throws her hands up in the air, hits the dancefloor and forgets about those end of year reports due on monday.


so what are you waiting for?

call your girlfriends and plan a catch up (you’ve now got the perfect excuse, it’s for your health!)


shop our favourite frocks for a girlie catch up here



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