Our Colouring-in Competition xo

Our Colouring-in Competition xo

You know that adult colouring-in is totally a thing right? Researchers have found it promotes mindfulness and positivity. It works just like therapy, but it’s free.
It probably works even better when served with a glass of wine (hence the colouring outside the lines comment below!)

We could all use a little calm and some positive vibes right now, so we thought this was perfect timing for a colouring-in competition. So turn off the News, pour yourself a cocktail, and get colouring ladies! Oh and also, there’s a prize so - yay!

Sharpen your best pencils, or crack open the bumper pack of felt pens.
Put your imagination to work and get ready to make your very own Maiocchi Masterpiece, because we’ve got a colouring-in competition!!!
Colouring outside of the lines is encouraged. Download our Maiocchi Masterpiece Colouring-in Page via the link below and share your creations with us (we've listed all the ways below)

All entries are in for a chance to win a Maiocchi frock. There will also be two Maiocchi Prize packs for the runners up. But the idea is to just have fun with it and get your zen on! Oh and we are also giving away a Mini Maiocchi frock so get your kids colouring in as well. Oh, but what about the boys? We don’t want them to miss out, boys need colouring in as well. Hmmm… ok, we will get Dee’s Mum to make a pair of boys shorts in Maiocchi fabric for the boy winner.
There. Done! Get cracking and unleash your creative genius, we simply can’t wait to see what you come up with.

The Prizes:
Adult Prize: A Maiocchi frock of choice (to the value of $300)
Girls prize up to 6 years: A Mini Maiocchi frock of choice (to the value of $49)
Boys prize up to 6 years: A boys custom made pair Maiocchi shorts (made by Dee’s Mum)
Runner up adult prize: 2 x Maiocchi prize packs (valued at $60 each)


How to submit your entry:

Post it on your Instagram page and tag us - maiocchi_ 

Post it in our Mavens Group on Facebook

Drop your coloured in page into one of our stores.

Email us a pic of your entry.

All entries should be submitted by midnight June 5th

We will announce the winners on June 6th on Instagram and Facebook.

Download the Maiocchi Masterpiece Colouring-in Page HERE.

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