Colour Me Happy

Colour Me Happy


I have gathered inspiration from all things happy this summer season. Let Maiocchi take you to the perfect summer holiday where the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and you can hear the sounds of birds singing. 

Colour me Happy celebrates the return of ladylike style with nipped in waists and 1950’s style full skirts. The collection has perfectly retro pieces that are sure to become wardrobe favourites and workwear staples. 

Quirky cotton dresses that call for the perfect summer day have been recreated in more grown up vintage and 1950’s silhouettes and the fabulously retro styles are in a colour palette of pleasingly snazzy combinations including festive flames, greens and blues.

We have also designed some colour me happy fabrics with birds, flowers and butterflies featured in a rainbow of colours.

Summer is such a happy time and I know all too well that the way you look can change the way you feel. I want you all to put on a bright happy frock and instantly be transported to your happy place.

Dee . xx

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