Being Bookish Winter Inspiration

Being Bookish Winter Inspiration

Being Bookish - Maiocchi's Winter 15 Collection

Write your own winter story in Maiocchi jerseys, Japanese cottons and fancy lace.

Being Bookish our Winter Collection, centers on a female lead.
She is ladylike, yet a little bit awkward.
She wears glasses and puts flowers in her hair. 
She loves cats and speaks French fluently. 
More than anything, this leading lady loves to read and as she does, the characters in the books come to life in her imagination. 

The characters, straight from the pages of a book, come to life in custom prints throughout the collection. Paper cranes, woodland owls, black cats and oriental blooms all play a part in the season’s patterns.

Being Bookish is all about darling frocks that you will certainly live happily ever after in.  Shop retro Winter Dresses, Tops and Skirts here.

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