Behind the scenes Blog by our Maiocchi intern

Behind the scenes Blog by our Maiocchi intern

The alarm blares at 5:00am in the morning.... the annoying noise we all hate.  I reach for my phone and switch it off, before rolling out of bed, but then I remember with a flash of excitement that today is not just your normal cookie cutter day, it’s the summer 2014 photo shoot. 

I quickly scramble to get ready, throwing together a somewhat hap-hazard look. Then make a quick dash to Zarraffa’s. I guzzle my drink down on the way to location with then tension and excitement building inside of me, or maybe it’s the caffeine kicking. I pull up to the studio which looks like an old brick warehouse, you would have no idea that behind the heavy black metal garage door lays a world of crisp white walls, camera equipment and lights.

Dee has just arrived and she quickly gives me a list of jobs, I hop to it, happy to have been given the opportunity to come on shoot as an intern. I quickly move the collection and accessories from her car onto the waiting racks and tables making sure to place the items in the most efficient way possible, before taking a moment to admire the beautiful collection assembled. I look up at the sound of voices; the rest of the team has arrived. 

The studio becomes a beehive of activity with the make-up artist quickly whisking the model into hair and make-up. The photographer begins the complicated task of setting up his equipment constantly playing with the lights and angles, it has to be perfect. My task in this flurry of activity is to capture the behind the behind the scenes moments. 

And before I know it, the model is ready to be dressed. I quickly help her slip into the first outfit making sure it fit, before I then hand her the required accessories for the look. At this point its lights camera action as the photographer and Dee take control photographing the front and back of each look, with a few candid shoots thrown in for fun. 

This process repeats for all 60 looks, and then the true fun begins with campaign shoots. These shots are the fun ones with cues from Dee and inspirations from mood boards.  We got the shots so keep your eyes peeled. All the while in the shadows, I take the behind the scenes shots. I watch on in fascination as the photo shoot unfolds before my eyes, and I realise in that moment the amount of blood, sweat and tears that goes into creating the look books and campaign shoots. 

By the end of the day I am exhausted but content today is one of those days where you know you have achieved something great and you just can’t wait for people to see the result.  Check out my behind the scenes photos on pinterest.


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