Our Beauty School Dropout Collection xo

Our Beauty School Dropout Collection xo

Don’t be surprised when you fall head over heels for our latest collection ‘Beauty School Dropout’

We asked our designer Dee about what inspired her for this charming collection and here’s what she said…


‘Beauty School Dropout’ is an idea I have had on my mood board for many years, and I am delighted to finally see it come to fruition.

I just love seeing things go from an idea in my mind, to actual frocks that I can wear, and this is one of my all-time favourite prints.

This collection was initially inspired by my love of the movie ‘Grease, which of course goes hand in hand with my undying love of fifties fashion.

The movie Grease is set in California in 1959 and is a reflection of the fashion at the time, the fabulous fifties, but transitioning into the sixties, so the traditional mixed in with a more modern aesthetic.

The movie features lots of fifties dresses with cardigans…. a look which we have long loved at Maiocchi.

I remember when the movie came out in 1978, and my Mum taking me to see it, but what truly made this movie special for me is that we performed ‘Grease’ for our yearly concert at my ballet school.

The dance I performed was to ‘Rock n’ Roll Party Queen’ and I remember clearly what I wore – a fuschia pink circle skirt and a black skivvy with a big white D on the front.

My Mum made the costume, and I remember the D was made out of white satin ribbon and edged in silver sequins. I wore my hair in a high ponytail.

I thought I was the bees knees in this outfit…. It’s probably where I got my love of skirts that ‘twirl’ – a love which is still going strong to this day.

I worked on these prints with my talented textile designer Kellie, and we started by making a list of the things we loved and wanted to include in the print.

Kellie then set to work sketching up all of the little elements for a vintage beauty salon... lipsticks, vintage sunglasses, hair accessories and the cutest retro ladies with their hair in curlers.

For the blue colourway, instead of making it a plain blue background, I wanted to make the print look like denim, so we scanned in a piece of denim and created the background from that, an effect with I think looks amazing.

A lot of love went into this print, as I really wanted to make it my ultimate ladylike glamour fifties print.

The ‘Hopelessly Devoted’ Dress would have to be my favourite, a fabulously retro silhouette with buttons down the front, but we have also included all your favourite shapes in this gorgeous print.

There are more stunning prints to come, including our take on the animal print! In almost 20 years of designing frocks, we have never done an animal print at Maiocchi. In fact, I always said I would never do one, but that’s why they say ‘never say never!’

I really wanted to make an animal print that was fabulously fifties and feminine, and in our very own colours (no traditional browns, black and tans here!)  and I think the result is just perfect.

i hope you will find something you will love and treasure, and wear for many years to come in this collection.

Dee xo

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