why you should be wearing RED right now xo

why you should be wearing RED right now xo

why just wear any pop of colour when you can wear RED!

call it cherry, ruby, crimson, candy apple, strawberry or scarlet: red has always been a favourite colour at maiocchi, we simply can’t get enough of this fiery hue.

we think you definitely need a little more red in your life, a pop of bright colour is sure to brighten up your day (and everyone else’s) and put a smile on your face.

you only have to pop on a red frock in the morning for that feel good factor, what better way to start your day!

red looks good on everyone, no matter your skin tone, you'll positively glow in this siren shade, so don't shy away from red, just give it a go.

although red may be a bold choice, going red all over is completely on-trend and oh so stylish, if there was ever a time to rock a red frock, a pair of red shoes and a lick of red lippy, it’s now.

red earns maximum points for fashion daring, but it really is very easy to wear.

our advice? reconsider that frock you've been thinking about buying in black, and instead adopt the head-to-toe-red effect.

oh and also, did you know that red is the colour of love, and research has shown that men find women who wear red more attractive (can’t hurt right!)

and let’s face it, nobody's ever written a song about a lady in purple... va va voom


our fave RED pieces, pictured above, are:

the frill of it dress in red

the ruffled all over dress in red

the up and away dress in red (dropping next week!)

the crowd pleaser jumpsuit in red

the crowd pleaser top in red

you go right ahead and shop all the RED things here


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