home sweet home... the inspiration xo

home sweet home... the inspiration xo

“follow your dream reach for the stars but never forget where you came from”

a little while back (actually mid last year) we posted a picture of flowers on our social media and asked you ‘what flowers would you like to see featured in our prints at maiocchi?’

i was surprised at how many of you said you would like to see australian flowers, and this is initially what led me to the inspiration for our summer collection.

for summer 2018 i have taken inspiration from the things around us, the australian landscape, our native flowers and our home grown artists.

there is a certain comfort to the idea of coming home, and i have taken this idea to our styles for the season.

shapes that are easy and comfortable to wear, soft fabrics and textured linens.

we have worked with a local artist on our hand painted floral prints and featured all the glorious colours of the australian landscape.

for our initial inspiration i looked at vintage souvenir tea towels from the 1950’s and we have printed our australian blooms onto a gorgeous rayon linen cloth that gives it a beautiful vintage feel.

this season we’ve taken a different path, but we haven’t forgotten all of our favourites, and in the end it has led us home.

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