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Pinch and a Punch - January

Pinch and a Punch - January

Christmas at Maiocchi is our favourite time, we always get to try yummy family Recipes. This is Dee's favourite punch and it's quickly became ours too. We think it makes the perfect refreshing treat for the hot Summer months when we are lazing about in retro cotton dresses under trees and umbrellas. We hope you like it.

Stawberry, Lychee Ginger Punch

1 cup vodka
1 cup strawberry liqueur
1 cup lychee liqueur
Sliced limes
Sliced strawberries 
Torn mint leaves
I tin of lycees (including the juice)
2 handfuls of ice

Put all of the above in a glass punch bowl and fill to the top with ginger beer. Serve in individual glasses, make sure you get lots of yummy fruit and top with mint.