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Nikki from Styling You in Maiocchi's Stripy Frock

Nikki from Styling You in Maiocchi's Stripy Frock

Each season we absolutely love working with Nikki Parkinson from Styling You. We have been working with Nikki for a few years now and really enjoy reading her styling advice. Nikki is a full-time blogger and author with the goal to help all women find what makes them tick and make everyday style easy and effortless. If you are not reading her blog (Styling You) you should be! ♥

Our favourite section is the Model and Me post's and Maiocchi has been featured a few times over the last 6 years. Each week Nikki works with a different brand to showcase an outfit on both her and the Model. We love to see Nikki's styling and outfit tips, plus it's great to see the dresses on different body shapes.

For our spring season Nikki picked the Forget Me Not Dress. We know she is just like us and loves all things stripy. And what's not to love about this dress? The Forget Me Not Dress is oh so chic and is the perfect frock n’ go dress. You can wear it for work or play, wear it anywhere you like, slip it on and you’re good to go anywhere; jazz it up with heels and a clutch for evening. 

Styling You Model and Me in Maiocchi

" You know my love of stripes runs very deep, don’t you? Well, these stripes just heighten that love. Monochrome will always looked dressed up, so this dress brings with it a multitude of dress-up/dress-down opportunities." - Nikki Parkinson.

To read more about Stying You's Maiocchi Model and Me post head over to Nikki's blog.

Nikki from Styling You in Maiocchi

Nikki also wore the matching Heart to Heart accessories created in collaboration with Ruby Olive. The Heart to Heart accessories come in three colourways and include matching earrings, necklace and a brooch. We wrote a blog about working with Ruby Olive and the inspiration behind the collection.

Thank you Nikki for featuring Maiocchi on the Styling You Blog. We love being a part of your Model and Me posts each season and love seeing your Maiocchi style.

Image credit from stylingyou.com.au