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meet the model - brooke falvey

February 21, 2019

meet the model - brooke falvey

we would like to introduce to you our latest model, the gorgeous 36 year old brooke falvey.

now our designer dee has been busily stalking brooke on her Instagram page @whatbrookewore for ages, because brooke loves a bit of colour, fun and quirkiness just like we do! and she starred in our summer campaign last year,
so we thought we’d get to know the gal behind these gorgeous pics for our ‘wannabee’ collection
brooke started out her career as a journalist, then moved to london, where she did all sorts of wonderful bucket list things, like she met prince harry and had tea with the queen.
then she moved back to brisvegas and started her blog ‘blonde ambition’ and a new bucket list.
we think she must be totally nailing her new bucket list as she is now the fashion editor for 'u on sunday' in the sunday mail…. and she has also recently joined the team at brisbane news as a columnist… you can read her first column here plus she’s built up a huge following of people who hang out waiting for her next instagram post (especially when she sings on insta live… you don’t want to miss this! )
we chatted with brooke about her style, dream jobs, and her life as an ‘influencer’…
how would you describe your personal style?
my style is fun, fresh and flirty, with a side of preppy glamour. i tend to dress more to suit my body shape and the things i love, than to match current trends. my go-to outfits include striped tees with skinny jeans or denim shorts, and above-the-knee dresses with nude heels (because they make my legs look so much longer than they are!).

which was your favourite piece from the ‘wannabee’ collection?
the beautiful turquoise dress with pink orchid print. it’s so pretty and feminine and a very flattering shape. i also love the wrap dress that dee wore in the magenta colourway - it’s bright, bold and delivers the perfect

in a nutshell, what does your job as fashion editor for u on sunday entail?
i love my role with u on sunday. each week i pick a theme—and a key image—based on what trends are currently available and i find some great clothing and accessories to help you put together a similar look without blowing the budget. i love introducing our readers to new brands, and encouraging them to step outside their comfort zones and try something new.

tell us about meeting prince harry….
oh gosh, i still can’t believe it happened; i totally missed my shot at being a duchess! i was living in london at the time and my flatmates and i had been out celebrate on of their birthdays. the club we were in had closed and my flatmate carly and i were standing by the bar waiting for our other flatmate ellen, who had lost her coat check ticket, when a group of people spilled out of the vip area. with his security in tow, harry headed over to us while he mates headed to the lift. carly and i smiled, perhaps like maniacs. he was close enough to touch. he smiled back at us, the glorious grin. he seemed to be waiting for us to say something, anything. but i had nothing. not a word. the girl who never shuts up and always has a comeback was speechless. carly wasn’t any better. it was an epic fail from both of us. they tried to coax some words out of us but in the end harry chuckled, shrugged and left to join his mates.

what’s your favourite place for a cocktail in brisbane?
anywhere that serves a passionfruit mojito. i took advantage of the opening of mr percivals and went there a few times over summer to kick back with friends over a jug of pimms. i love being able to look over the river at our amazing city—it’s so darn pretty. and i love hanging out at an precinct like howard smith wharves, south bank or eagle street pier where you can bounce between venues depending on your mood.

what are your words to live by?
that’s tricky, because i’m such a logophile—a lover of words—there are so many quotes i see that resonate with me; my phone is filled with screenshots. i love this one from benjamin mee - “you know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. and i promise you, something great will come of it.” those 20 seconds have led me on some amazing adventures, and given me some crazy stories.

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