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dee's MBFF experience

dee's MBFF experience

last week we hit the run way for the mercedes-benz fashion festival brisbane with our ‘pardon my french’ collection.
here’s what our designer dee had to say about her experience of the week and the lead up to the show…

i just love seeing our frocks on the runway, i think seeing them move and seeing them all styled, perhaps a little more over the top than how most of us would wear them in our day to day lives, makes it oh so special.
the lead up to the show is always a bit stressful as we have so much going on at this time of year, with only 2 weeks until our winter 2019 photo shoot, it can be a bit tricky fitting in a runway show as well.
plus, i will admit, i am the type of person who tends to leave things until the last minute, i think it’s something that goes hand in hand with being a creative type and the lead up to MBFF was no different.

i had decided which frocks i would include in my 15 runway looks long before, but in the days before the show i decided that we needed something extra special for our final look. we made a gorgeous flowing maxi dress in green, which i think really made a statement on the runway.
shoes were chosen and ordered from ASOS at the very last minute, only arriving the day before the show.
i decided on monday that i needed special earrings from the lovely folk at each to own (who shipped my sparkles the day after i ordered them – thank you kirsten, you saved the day!)
the weekend before i hurried off to spotlight to buy fabric flowers and got my hot glue gun out on the kitchen table and made 8 flower headpieces, each one matching perfectly to one of our spring frocks. this is the type of thing i love doing, it’s the thing i love most about my job, doing things like this is totally the ‘fun bit’ ( that and the bit where i get to drink champagne with all my friends after the show)
the morning of the show i went to the brisbane flower markets for fresh flowers to pop in the models baskets, so they would look like they were wandering through the french countryside picking flowers.
although it was all a bit last minute, everything came together perfectly, i couldn’t have been more pleased!

on the day of the show old government house at qut in the city was buzzing with pre show excitement, the designers had to arrive at 5-ish for the 7pm show, so we had plenty of time beforehand to fuss about backstage.
i went through each of my looks with the dressers to make sure that they knew how i wanted each bow to be tied and to make sure they didn’t put any of the frocks on back to front (yes, it has happened!) i also got to meet lorna jane out the back, who was lovely, and someone i have long admired in the industry.
there was some discussion about the designers not walking this year, and as i am a person who prefers to stay out of the limelight, i was kind of releaved. but in the end, it was decided that the designers would take to the runway with our last models. it was a veeeery long catwalk this year, which made it all the more daunting for someone who is not used to strutting the runway!
the atmosphere backstage is very exciting as everything is happening so quickly. before i knew it, it was my turn to take to the catwalk, and it was so exciting seeing so many friendly faces out there, i was totally glad that i did it.

i loved catching up with everyone after the show and seeing so many of our beautiful friends and customers wearing maiocchi frocks at the after party.

MBFF is always such a special event for queensland fashion, thank you to lindsay and the team at MBFF and to all of our customers who came along to support us on the night, and to those who watched the live stream from home. i am sure all who came along will agree that queensland fashion is worth celebrating!
i hope you loved the show and our spring collection ‘pardon my french’ – merci!!! xo