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Hello Beautiful - Introducing Rachel from Redcliffe Style

Hello Beautiful - Introducing Rachel from Redcliffe Style

Rachel Wernicke from Redcliffe Style

Hello Beautiful Model
Body shape: Pear
Size: 12
Height: 169cm
Facebook: @Redcliffe.Style
Instagram: @redcliffestyle

A 40 plus style and beauty blogger at Redcliffe Style. While working full time work, raising 2 daughters and writing for Redcliffe Style, she still manages to spend way too much time in car parks taking photos of herself. Rachel's aim is to prove that age, time or money shouldn’t be a barrier for feeling good about yourself and confidently enjoying life at this age and beyond. She hopes to inspire others to feel the same way too.

We love working with Rachel every season, we first met in 2014 at our rebranding launch and have fallen in love with her car park style. We asked her what she thought about online fashion and this seasons latest trends.

What are your thoughts on the representation of women in fashion and online?

I feel that the online representation of women online is slowly improving but I think it has a way to go in fashion. I already know that a 21 year old supermodel will look amazing in clothes but I love seeing gorgeous, confident woman of every size, body type and age rocking clothes. They are the women that inspire me.

Why do you love Maiocchi frocks?

I adore Maiocchi frocks because every piece is gorgeously feminine and makes me feel the same way. The prints and colours are always so joyful and make the dreariest day so much brighter. Plus, even better, they are the most comfortable pieces in my wardrobe and the lowest maintenance. What’s not to love about Maiocchi frocks!

Which piece is you favourite from today and why?

Aughh! This is a hard question. Initially, it was the Anchors Away Dress with the Sail Away Cardigan. I think this is the cutest print for summer and I love the cut of this dress but the Mermaids Call Dress in Berry is pretty amazing too. I loved that the cut and colour was different from other frocks I own.

What is it about fashion that makes you feel great?

I love the moment you put on a new piece and it makes you stand taller. When you look in the mirror and know that this is the one that needs to come home, because it feels and looks like it was made for you. I love it when you pull it out of your wardrobe in 6 months, a year or even a few years later, and it still makes you feel the same way.