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Dee’s Yummy Salad Recipe - Perfect for Australia Day

Dee’s Yummy Salad Recipe - Perfect for Australia Day

Dee’s Yummy Salad Recipe - Perfect for Australia Day

When I stayed at The Standard in New York they had this delicious salad on the menu.
We loved it so much we convinced the friendly waiter to tell us how to make it.
I have made it several times for friends and they have all LOVED it

It is very summery salad and perfect for this time of year, maybe impress guest this Australia Day.

Not only is it a taste sensation, but it looks very impressive and it is easy to make…winning!

Cherry Balsamic Vinaigrette:

¼ cup balsamic vinegar
1 teas sugar
1 clove garlic crushed
¼ cup cherry preserves
¼ cup red wine vinegar
¼ cup avocado oil
Salt and pepper 

In pan combine balsamic, sugar and garlic stirring frequently until sugar dissolves
Simmer uncovered till reduced by half – about 10 minutes
Add cherry preserves and cook 1 min longer
Remove from heat and let cool to room temp
Whisk in avocado oil and red wine vinegar, salt and pepper to taste


Watermelon – about half a small watermelon
Heirloom tomatoes – 1 large punnet
1 continental cucumber (peeled) or 2 Lebanese cucumbers or 4 of those little cukes
2 small pieces (size of a small fist) of burrata cheese (can be a bit tricky to find – I’ve found it before at the New Farm Deli and the Rosalie Deli)
Flat leaf parsley torn

It looks best on a nice big fat platter
Chop nice cubes of watermelon  (about 1.5cm square) and spread evenly on the platter
Chop the heirloom tomatoes in half and scatter them amongst the watermelon cubes.
Cut the cucumber into nice even pieces and add those (You can use Lebanese cucumbers, continental, or this time I used those little cukes – very easy as you don’t have to peel)
Burrata cheese – tear in to small pieces and scatter on top
Add a sprinkle of flat leaf parsley on top.
Drizzle the cherry balsamic vinaigrette on top.