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come behind the scenes on our spring photoshoot with our designer dee xo

come behind the scenes on our spring photoshoot with our designer dee xo

one of the things I love most about my job is our seasonal photoshoot.

it’s the fun bit at the end of a whole lot of hard work.

our collection for the season is entitled “pardon my french’ so I had to think of a suitably chic location to convey my parisian dream, but in brisbane.

stylist Liz Golding came to the rescue with the perfect location, the bishops house in milton.

what a hidden gem, it really looks like the french countryside, there couldn’t have been a more perfect location for our shoot (well, other than paris)

the day started inside the bishops house at 5.30am in complete darkness ( we were shooting spring in the middle of winter) for hair and make-up.

our hair and make-up stylist for the day Jim Jirarnuttaruj worked his magic on our gorgeous model and local brisbane gal Adele Frost, we had already discussed the look we wanted - ‘french girl chic’ with curls and red lippy.

I think adele is the perfect model to portray my french theme as she looks very french . when I think of a french girl, in my mind, she always has a dark bob. she pretty much looks exactly like adele, so I was delighted!

whilst we waited for the hair and make-up magic to happen, we drank cups of tea and crossed our fingers that the heavy fog that day would soon lift so we could get the suitably ‘spring’ looking shots we were after.

as it turned out the fog did not lift until about 10.30 that day, but luckily our clever photographer Elizabeth Maleevsky can make the best out of any situation, and the first few images we shot in the early morning fog are my favourite ones from the shoot.

adele was such a fun model to work with, always smiling, and she was such a good sport about having to wear summer frocks on a cold day (there was a lot of jumping up and down to keep warm!)

the whole team were fabulous, the day was full of laughter and chit chat about all manner of things, i don’t think I felt stressed once in the whole day.

this was in a big part due to our stylist liz golding. she arrived at the shoot with a huge stash of shoes, scarves, jewels and pretty purses from her collection at home.

i’ve seen her wardrobe at home and believe me, its next level and choc-full of lots and lots of lovely vintage pieces and sparkly bits that she has collected over her 30 years in the industry.

liz has worked in the fashion industry as a model, a stylist, a fashion editor, a make-up artist and many other things and she now runs her own empire Illuminate Management.

liz has so much experience in all of the things, so I knew she had it covered which made it a lovely day for everyone.

my favourite part of the day was adele riding the bike in her heels, i wanted the riding shot and it took many ‘do overs’ to get the perfect shot!

a lovely day, stunningly beautiful shots and new friends made – the perfect result!

i hope you love this seasons collection, it's choc-full of all your favourites... bamboo jersey dresses, cotton dresses, custom prints, japanese cotton dresses and all in styles that fit and flatter all shapes and sizes.

i hope you also love this campaign as much as i do, and i hope you get as much enjoyment from wearing the frocks as i did in designing them and shooting this campaign.

you can shop our latest collection here

a big huge thank you to our marvellous team on the day – liz, adele, elizabeth and jim and our intern hannah– you are all superstars!

dee xo