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Grandmas Anzac Biscuits

Maiocchi PR - Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Easter Everybody!

During my Easters I remember baking with my Grandmother, so today I thought I would share her recipe with you and the girls in the studio! Yum.

Grandma's Anzac Biscuits

1 cup SR flour (or wholemeal)

1 cup Coconut

1 cup Rolled Oats

1 cup Sugar

2 Tablespoons Golden Syrup

2 Tablespoons of Boiling Water

115grams of Butter

½ Teaspoon of Bicarb Soda

Mix up all dry ingredients in a lovely big bowl

Melt Butter, Syrup and boiling water, once melted add in bicarb soda and add to dry mix.

Roll mixture into small balls and press onto tray with a folk or your hand.

Bake in moderate oven until golden brown

Enjoy with a cup of tea.

Dee. x

Happy Easter - Seasonal Store Hours

Maiocchi PR - Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wishing you all a Happy Easter Break!

Just in case you wanted to pop in and see us, here are our store hours:

Seasonal Store Hours:

Brisbane Paddington

18th April Good Friday Closed

19th April Easter Saturday Closed

20th April Easter Sunday Closed

21st April Easter Monday Closed

25th April Anzac Day Closed

Brisbane City

18th April Good Friday Closed

19th April Easter Saturday 9am – 4pm

20th April Easter Sunday Closed

21st April Easter Monday Closed

25th April Anzac Day Closed

Valley Store

18th April Good Friday Closed

19th April Easter Saturday Closed

20th April Easter Sunday Closed

21st April Easter Monday Closed

25th April Anzac Day Closed

Sydney Paddington

17th April Thursday 10am – 6pm

18th April Good Friday Closed

19th April Easter Saturday 9am – 4pm

20th April Easter Sunday Closed

21st April Easter Monday Closed

24th April Thursday 10am – 6pm

25th April Anzac Day Closed

Pinch and a Punch - April

Maiocchi PR - Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Pinch and a Punch first day of the month! 
We all love Champagne and we love the sound of something 'healthy' and different soo..

Our Recipe today is Coconut Champagne Punch!

1 1/2 cups chopped fresh fruit
8 skewers
1 Large coconut water
1 cup pineapple or orange juice
1 bottle of champagne

Thread fruit on skewers and freeze for an hour or more, In the meantime, mix the coconut water and juice, add a drop of pink or red food colouring, if desired. Refrigerate (covered) until serving time. To serve, fill glasses about 2/3 full with coconut mixture, add a skewer and top with champagne.

Enjoy! x

Win a $1000 Whimsical Winter Wardrobe

Maiocchi PR - Monday, March 31, 2014

They say peculiar things happen on a new moon, so it could be responsible for our $1000 Whimsical Winter Wardrobe giveaway! 

Moonlight prints and fetching frocks could all be yours, simply tell us what street the new Sydney store is located on, by entering on Facebook or emailing us.

To win this dream like prize you must:
1. Like us on facebook
2. Share the post
3. Answer the question

The competition will run for one moon cycle, closing on the 29th of April with winners contacted on the 30th of April.

Click on the image above and enter via our Facebook Page. 

Don't have Facebook? Email your answers for the following two requirements to

1. Tell us what street the new Sydney store is located on.
2. Send your email address and city of residence.

Pinch yourself and you’ll find it’s not a dream but a chance to go to your happy place.

Meet Charlie

Maiocchi PR - Thursday, March 20, 2014

Meet Charlie, our marvelous model for the Fly me to the Moon collection. While she was busy getting her hair and make-up done we asked her a few questions about life, modelling and travel.

Where did you grow up? 

Cooparoo Brisbane

How did you get started in the world of modelling? 

My Mum made me do it! She enrolled me in a Dally’s etiquette course.

Which foreign destinations have you worked in? 

Milan, Germany and New York. But I now spend most of my time living and working in Milan.

What was your most exciting modelling job? 

(Apart from this one of course!) I did a campaign for Franklin and Marshall (an Italian vintage sportswear company.) It was a week-long shoot in New York with the whole team staying at the Hilton for the week. It was a really great team and we all had a lot of fun that week.

Your fave beauty product? 

Carmex lip balm, I don’t leave home without it.

What’s the best part of your job? 

The travel, meeting new people and the free clothes.

What’s the worst?  

Recently I did a shoot for a fur company in the middle of summer in Milan in front of the Duomo – fur coats in 40 degree heat, tourists taking photos of me – it was not really fun!

Hello Sydney

Maiocchi PR - Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hello Sydney!

It has been an action packed and exhausting beginning to the Maiocchi week! We took off from Brisbane last Friday morning at 5am and have been going non-stop until yesterday morning.

We have been building draws, table and cabinets, cleaning shelves, windows and mirrors. Sewing curtains, cushions and covers and yes, we have been shopping. The table in the middle is made from old doors, I blame my Pinterest addiction.

We have such lovely neighbours at Pearl, Napoleon and Aesop , they have made us feel very welcome and I’ve been swooning over their pretty stores and fancy products.

I’m simply over the moon with how the store looks and I can’t wait for you all to pop in and say hello. 

You can find us here: 72b Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW
At these times: Monday – Saturday: 10am – 6pm & Late Nights on Thursday 10am - 7pm & Sunday: 11am – 5pm 


Oh Ps:
We are running a competition through Facebook and you can win a $100 voucher* to use in store. Just pop in to see us and either check in or take and tag a picture of the store or simply say hello to the girl’s, they can’t wait to meet you! #maiocchi #hellosydney #maiocchisydney

*only redeemable in-store on full price Maiocchi product.

By Hand, With Heart - Maiocchi

Maiocchi PR - Friday, January 24, 2014

By Hand, With Heart - Maiocchi

This last brand we want to rave about you might not know, the name sounds a little foreign and sounds something like this May- ock –ee. Okay, so maybe you’ve heard of it, but maybe you don’t know that we design and make all of our frocks right here in Brisbane. Dee shares some of her creative influences and life in Oz!

How did you decide to start your own label and when?
Once upon a time... well, actually in 2001, the search for the perfect dress turned into a labour of love. Frustrated that I couldn't find what I was looking for I put my design expertise into action, got all creative and soon after, Maiocchi the label was born.

What inspires you?
All of the collections are inspired by my travels, you become SO inspired when you travel because you are present and indulged in your surroundings. Even if it is just down to the NSW coast or the hustle and bustle of Sydney there is always something that grabs your eye. Japan would easily be my greatest influence, Japan has a creative culture in its heart and I love the ‘cute and quirky’ that is embedded into Japanese culture.

Where do you work?
Where don’t we work, we always gathering ideas - on the bus, in our dreams, at the beach, but our physical office is based in Red Hill, Brisbane.

What are you working on at the moment?
We are currently on the moon making all of our frocks for our Winter 14 “Fly Me to the Moon” Collection, which will be in stores early next month! But we have also been very busy in the garden planting frock bulbs and creating romantic tales for our 2014 Spring Collection, it’s really starting to flourish.

Describe Maiocchi in 5 words.
Charming, Cheeky, Irreverent, Worldly and Chic

We have lots of exciting adventures happening this year and can't wait to share them all with you. We hope you have a great Australia Day and keep supporting the locals. ♥

By Hand, With Heart - Guilty Little Pleasures

Maiocchi PR - Thursday, January 23, 2014

By Hand, With Heart - Guilty Little Pleasures

You don’t have to look very far to find some creative and quirky accessories and jewellery. Right on our front porch, Guilty Little Pleasures is made and design by Lee right here in Brisbane

When did Guilty Little Pleasures begin?
I started my Guilty Little Pleasures last year but I have been making earrings and jewellery for about 15 years. I always was asked to make things for friends and I used to sell my jewellery at Bondi Markets in Sydney. While I was growing up both of my grandmothers made things and so does my mum so it was always something that I was around.

What keeps you creating?
I come from Byron Bay and I have always loved nature and colours. I also love the Asian culture for the beauty and elegance of its nature. My son also inspires me as he likes to help me put things together.

Where do put together your creations together?
I do actually work full time during the week as a Business trainer and also for the last 5 years I have been a Maiocchi staff member but when I feel inspired I have a work area with all the items that I use laid out that everyone knows not to touch. Even my cats stay away from it!

And what are you experimenting with at the moment?
I am trying a few different things at the moment. My friends and my mum are my guinea pigs. I send them out into the world and see if they receive any comments on the new piece.

Describe Guilty Little Pleasures in 5 words.
Fun, colourful, quirky, cute and different.

We love working with Lee and we love getting her latest experiments into our boutiques and out into the world. We have to admit they our definitely one of our Guilty Little Pleasures! ♥

By Hand, With Heart - youngeve and bird on a wire

Maiocchi PR - Wednesday, January 22, 2014

By Hand, With Heart - youngeve and bird on a wire

Just over the back fence we have youngeve and Bird on a wire, the duo Leanne and Dean design and make on the sunshine coast. 

Where did youngeve and bird on a wire come from?
youngeve and bird on a wire were born of a desire to participate in our local beach market here on the Sunshine Accessories are a wonderful way to combine our creative urge. They are little treasures and can brighten a day – can be accessible – can be fun – can say a lot or a little.

What has inspired you to create jewellery?
Nature and everything in between – too many to mention. Our childhoods – being immersed in an Idyll. Many inspirational people, Mum, Dad, my 5 sisters.

Where do you work?
We have a home / studio space nestled beachside in the noosa national park. We see whales , sunrises, moon rises all from the studio. It’s a dream come true!

Describe youngeve in 5 words
nature inspired Australian made goodness

We are so jealous and wish our office was beachside. We love the natural mixed with the modern and think their earrings make a match made in heaven when coupled with our Maiocchi frocks. 

By Hand With Heart - Kimono Reincarnate

Maiocchi PR - Tuesday, January 21, 2014

By Hand, With Heart - Kimono Reiencarnate

A hop, skip and a jump away at the Glass House Mountains Melanie from Kimono Reincarnate is currently working on some wall art for an exhibition later this year, but we wanted to ask her about inspiration, jewellery and living in Queensland.

How did Kimono Riencarnate come to life?
I started Kimono Reincarnate while I was living in Japan. I was so inspired by the gorgeous fabrics in the kimonos I saw around me. I began collecting vintage kimonos from my local flea market and giving them a new life as handbags, in clothing and as jewellery. I returned to Australia when six months pregnant and started working in the business full time as a way to be home with my baby and support my family at the same time. My fabulously supportive husband was the stay-at-home dad to our daughter for the first couple of years so that I could follow my dream.

What inspires you to keep creating?
I'm very inspired by the beauty of Japanese patterns and how good design is considered an important factor in everyday life. I love the streets of Tokyo and how ancient structures sit alongside modern skyscrapers and how this is somehow reflected in Tokyo street fashion. Recently I moved to the Glass House Mountains and also find the ever-changing sky and nature around me to be a wonderful muse.

How is it living and working Aussie?
My studio is a custom built (and thankfully very well air conditioned!) shed in our backyard. It looks out onto three of the Glass House Mountains and is such a pleasure to be in every day. When I'm working on new designs though, I often take my sketchbook to the beach, to a park or to a gallery so that I can't be tempted to jump on my computer, which for me, can be a dangerous distraction.

What is happening in your Shed at the moment?
This is my favourite part of the year as I get more time to devote to working on new designs. There are some new handcrafted silver pieces inspired by my mother's quilting and some new coloured resin designs. I'm also working on some wall art for an exhibition later in the year.

And finally Describe Kimono Reincarnate in 5 words
Modern with a Japanese twist

Beautiful designs with classic Japanese prints, you can see why we fell in love with Melanie's work. Don't forget to look for her accessories in our boutiques the next time you pop by.

Fly me to the Moon so I can Shop!